At ILAR we are convinced of the importance of self-care in the health of Latin American citizens. This power of decision is a fundamental asset for the maintenance and protection of the health and well-being of the population and positions the non-prescription medicines as a key element in the treatment of minor ailments for a large part of the population.

In order for this right of choice to be exercised, an adequate context is necessary, which facilitates access to the necessary information on these products.

At ILAR, we work to promote the responsible use of non-prescription medicines. For this, it is fundamental:

  • That the user knows about the available medications and can differentiate them from those that do require a prescription.
  • That the user has access to information on how and when to use them and in which cases it is necessary to go to the doctor.
  • That the non-prescription medicines are of wide and easy access to the population, so that they can fulfill their purpose of alleviating minor ailments in a timely manner.